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Casino bonuses can be found in many guises while playing online but undoubtedly the most popular of these are the various free online casino games that casinos and free play sites make available for their guests. Most online casinos make a point of featuring some regular free play facilities such a dedicated free play games, promotions and loyalty rewards. These usually end up being among their most popular features and are good for both the site and its guests in the long run.

As mentioned, online casinos will often feature specific games or site areas that are reserved for free play. These usually include free slots, free Blackjack or free video poker games and may be accessed either as regular play or as part of some promotion or loyalty reward scheme. Many of these free games are subject to restrictions such as limited play duration, number of tickets to be played (in the case of bingo sites) or times that games are played so check to make sure whether there are any policies involved before diving in.

Another great source of free online casino games are the many free play directories that are available. Sites such as are gold mines of free casino play and offer a wealth of leads and tips when one is looking for free play games or casinos. This type of site can also serve as a guarantee when it comes to these games and sites as they generally won't list facilities or products of dubious quality.

Free play games found at these online directories generally come in one of two formats - download or non-download versions. These represent many different types of popular casino games like slots, card and dice games and each type has its own characteristic benefits. The main difference between these games is that the download versions are stored on your PC after the download and are played from your in-machine browser. Non-download versions are located and played from the site or directories servers and require no download to play.

The benefit of download games is that they can be played instantly and are not subject to any downtime issues with a third party facility. The down sides of these games are, of course, the downloads involved and the fact that they are generally smaller and not as graphically sophisticated as site based games. No download games, on the other hand, take a while for the remote software to load so it takes a bit longer to get into action. There is also always the possibility of having the site go offline or loosing your connection half way through a game.

The flip side is that these games are usually more feature rich and there is usually a bigger variety of games to choose from.

Either way you choose to play free online casino games they still offer so much value and can be hugely profitable when there are real jackpots and prizes on offer. So check out the many free play directories available for the best free casino games and sites that offer these online gaming games.


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